Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Marvellous Marrow

So, long time no post. Life threw us a bit of curve ball which knocked us for 6 rather a lot for rather a long time. But we're getting there.

And yummy food like this certainly helps. 

But first a bit of backstory:

A few weeks ago we went on a very long overdue holiday to Crete and ate the most delicious food. Luckily we also did a lot of walking, but I digress.  Several of the dishes said they had courgette in them but I felt sure it was actually marrow rather than courgette.  I decided I seriously liked marrow! 

So, returning home I spotted a marrow on the weekly shop and eagerly popped it into the trolley, having no idea how one actually cooks marrow. 

It's languished in the fridge ever since but tonight, rather than a quick soup after the gym I suddenly fancied getting fancy with the marrow! And, like pretty much every meal I've cooked/assembled since our hols, it was going to be Greek inspired. 

It needed to be really rich but light, full of herbs and garlic and super nutritious. 

So, here's what I did. The usual caveats about my shunning of specific measurements apply!

Olive oil
Half a marrow, chopped, skin on
Few handfuls pre cooked puy lentils
Few handfuls kale
Pinch chilli flakes 
2 great big fat cloves garlic, roughly chopped
Half tin chopped tomatoes
Handful fresh thyme
Squeeze lemon juice
Sea salt and black pepper
Feta cheese 
Buckwheat (soba) noodles ( these have a lovely nutty taste and are nice and healthy and only take 4 mins to cook, but you can use any pasta / noodles)

So, here what I did with it all!

1. Heat nice big drizzle olive oil in sauté pan and add marrow. After a while add the garlic and the chilli flakes. 
2. Sprinkle in the lentils and the thyme. 
3. Add the kale and leave it all to jiggle about in the pan a bit for a while, then add the tomatoes. Just enough to coat the pieces, not so it's swimming in it. 
4. Season with the salt and pepper and add the lemon juice. 
5. Meanwhile cook the noodles according to instructions (don't forget the  cold water rinse bit). 
6. Add the noodles into the pan and mix together. 
7. Pop into some bowls and crumble the feta over the top. Finally add another drizzle of good quality olive oil and a final crack of black pepper. Then enjoy!

Took about 20 mins tops start to finish. Mmmmmm, soooo nice. Even if I do say so myself!

Oh, and did you know, the marrow is actually just an overgrown courgette!? They just pick them later. Well I never.