Foodie promises to myself

I suppose this would be called 'Philosophy' on other blogs but I feel a bit daft using that title, it feels a bit pompous and grand for little old my blog.

Instead, I've chosen to make certain promises to myself and my body about what I choose to put into it.  I can't promise to keep them all the time, but since one of my other 'philosphies' is is to be kind and forgive myself misdemeanours, then that's ok...failure is not the opposite of success, but an inevitable part of the journey.

So, here are my foodie promises:

- I promise to eat a balanced diet
- I promise not to cut anything out or follow any silly fad diets
- I promise to choose and eat my food mindfully
- I promise to try and choose foods that would have been available to my great great great grandparents
- I promise to always try and find or choose a slightly better, healthier way or option
- I promise to listen to what my body (and not my emotions) need
- I promise to use food to nourish me, and choose foods that will nourish me
- I promise to use oil and not feel bad about it
- I promise to continue to minimise how much sugar I eat (because it actually hates me)
- I promise to practise practising (!) moderation
- I promise to focus on fresh, whole, clean, natural, in season, local, colourful, vibrant foods
- I promise to notice and name any emotional eating pitfalls and their effects
- I promise not to deny, purge or punish myself both with or by withholding food
- I promise to include protein at every meal and veggies wherever I can (breakfast included)
- I promise to enjoy cooking and eating good food shamelessly
- I promise to share my passion on here :)

Ok, ok, and  a bit of a philosophy too.

Quite simply, food is there to be enjoyed.  I don't believe in eating food that tastes horrible, boring or bland in the name of health.  Mostly because it's not necessary.  Neither are meal replacement shakes, calorie counting, food combining or any other theories on losing weight.  I've been there done them all and it just made me miserable.  I've spent too many years of my life being fat and miserable to spend the next few being thinner but still miserable!

It is important to eat real food that your taste buds will love.  It is perfectly possible to eat totally delicious food that is also super healthy and good for you.  Focus on eating right, do it consistently and for long enough and any weight that needs to come off, will do.

Oh and a side note on my cooking.  I don't really do measuring and accuracy.  I sort of do chucking it in and seeing what happens.  Don't think I'll be entering Great British Bake Off any time soon...

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