What's it all about?

So here it is, my new blog. But why is it here and what's it all about?

In a nutshell it's to save my facebook from turning into just wall to wall pictures of my meals! And we know how well that goes down.

But seriously, I love food. I love eating.

But that has got me into trouble over the years. Troubled mood, troubled body,
trouble on the scales, troubled with guilt. I have a history of over eating and am very susceptible to emotional eating. I KNOW what I 'should' eat, but knowing and doing consistently are not quite the same thing.

Over the years I've picked up more and more knowledge and been more and more interested in healthier ways of cooking and eating, from paleo to wholefoods and whatever else in between. But I'm still susceptible to the odd ice cream or Chinese take away blow out. This makes my eating somewhat schizophrenic, veering from Gwyneth Paltrow like clean eating one minute to crazed,lard choffing horse the next.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in 'shoulds' and denying yourself stuff and strict regimes and whatnot, it's just that this rollercoaster doesn't really do me any favours, surprise.  It's a bit more balance and consistency I'm after.

Anybody who reads my other blog Chatting Happy will know I've been on (and am still, and probably always will be, on) a bit of a journey over the last few years to understand myself, my actions, my behaviour a little better. My eating, my relationship with food and with my body are a big part of that. If you already follow my blogs you'll also know that I am addicted to photography.

So that's where this blog comes in. It combines my love of food, cooking and experimenting with such, with my love of photography and my happiness journey.

The idea is, I try or cook great stuff, take a picture of it and write about it on here. As I'm a really creative person (I don't mean that to big myself up, I mean it as in I am most happy when busy creating something), just the act of engaging in this blog will act as an additional outlet to fuel my happy too.

There is wisdom that says the more we talk about something the more of a reality it becomes. So the more I post and talk about wholesome, healthy, whole, natural and clean foods and the Effect they have on my mood and wellbeing, the more I will be inspired to keep on doing it and the less I will feel the need (conscious or otherwise) to dive into the pralines and cream.

Maybe it might inspire you too...

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